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Stay safe with Playa del Sol

Stay safe with Playa del Sol
In the past few weeks, Prafamar,SL has examined the possibilities of opening its hotels and adapted all operational processes to the new situation of coexistence with COVID-19.

We are constantly updating the preventive measures for COVID-19 according to the regulations of the Government of the Canary Islands to ensure the safety of our customers and employees.

Our staff has received additional training and will adhere to the hygiene standards required to maintain full responsibility and consistency prior to COVID-19.

We ask you to comply with all the rules set in the hotel.

New cleaning and hygiene measures

We are applying the suggestions and measures established by the Spanish Ministry of Health with the new cleaning and disinfection protocols, including new equipment and certified cleaning products with bactericidal registration from the arrival at the client's hotel until the departure.
To avoid cross contamination, a laundry process protocol is prepared on the washing procedure during the client's stay and departure.
All our team are equipped with the personal protection and hygiene equipment necessary to make their work with the greatest security.
All paper and decor items are removed from rooms
Disinfection of surfaces such as door handles, tables and desks is guaranteed more frequently.

Rules to keep in mind:
It is mandatory to wear a mask in the reception, elevator, restaurant and common areas.
Respect norms of social distance.
Follow personal protection protocols
For the safety of all, the normal operation of certain areas of the building may be affected and access restrictions may be imposed.

The Playa del Sol Complex, in order to guarantee adequate compliance with the Regulations implemented against COVID, will distribute identification bracelets to the clients staying at our establishment that they must wear during their stay. If you do not comply with this requirement, the hotel reserves the right to terminate your stay with us.



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